Editorial Standards and Peer Review Process

All Primary Source Projects (PSPs) go through a rigorous peer review process before being made available via the TRIUMPHS website for classroom testing. This process is supervised by the Development Cycle Working Group, and includes two distinct stages of peer review. In the first stage, the PSP is reviewed by a primary and secondary reader, each of whom provides feedback concerning the project’s mathematical accuracy, readability, adaptability, and relevance for its intended course(s). Readers for this stage are drawn from TRIUMPHS’ cadre of principal investigators and external authors. Following revision by the author in response to the Stage 1 reviews, the PSP then receives critical review by a TRIUMPHS Advisory Board member with subject expertise in the history of mathematics and its pedagogical uses. In particular, the assigned advisory board member is asked to comment on the historical content of the PSP, the selection of source excerpts in relation to the course for which the PSP is designed, and the pedagogical sequencing of tasks as part of the Stage 2 reviews. As deemed appropriate by the Development Cycle Working Group, the revised version of the PSP may pass through additional peer review prior to being posted on Digital Commons.