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TRansforming Instruction in Undergraduate Mathematics via Primary Historical Sources

The TRIUMPHS project creates materials for use in the undergraduate mathematics classroom which teaches content based around original mathematical sources such as the writings of Poincaré, Euclid, Lobachevsky, Hausdorff, and many others. These materials are freely available and downloadable for use in the clasroom. The goal of the project is to write, develop, disseminate, and test these curricular materials.

The current grant builds off of the work of two previous grants. Primary Source Projects from the parent grant can be found here.  PSPs from the grandparent grant can be found here.

TRIUMPHS Site Testing

Over the past five years, TRIUMPHS has produced a collection of 81 student-ready Primary Source Projects (PSPs) and supported their use in over 220 classrooms at more than 115 different institutions across the US and Canada–and our cadre of PSP site testers continues to grow!  

Are you interested in trying a primary source project in your classroom? Would you like to make money doing so? Then consider joining us as an official TRIUMPHS site-tester!

We are always delighted to have instructors use a TRIUMPHS PSP in their courses, and encourage you to experience this stimulating approach to mathematics teaching and learning yourself.

Applications for Spring 2021 are being accepted now through December 11.

See what’s ready for classroom use and find out what’s involved in officially site testing at:


List of available projects to be tested

Site tester Application Procedure and Expectations 


Ready to apply? Just submit the form at https://forms.gle/vHB9YiYypNry2Rcj9


Official review of applications received by Monday November 30 will begin on Tuesday December 1.

The formal deadline for submission of this form is Friday December 11.