About NEW U


Committee Members at Fun in the Sun Event

Ursinus College is committed to the health and well-being of its employees and their dependents.  A group of Wellness Champions has formed a Wellness Committee and this committee is NEW U (Nurturing Employee Wellness at Ursinus).  This committee is responsible for promoting health and wellness. The committee plans and organizes such events as the Wellness Fair, monthly educational initiatives, group bike rides, walking and fitness challenges etc.

Committee members are asked to participate in regular monthly meetings, and to plan and organize monthly events that promote a healthy lifestyle for all employees.

Employees who make healthy lifestyle choices (big or small) can be on the road to healthier living and fewer health issues. NEW U coordinates a wide variety of resources and activities designed to support appropriate health and lifestyle choices that can result in happy, healthy and productive employees.

NEW U is a cohesive and supportive group that develops, guides, and oversees all of the organization’s wellness efforts.

This is no small task!  These committee members are the driving force behind wellness activities.

Meet the Committee Members

Mary Bagnell
Cathy Bogusky
Laura BorsdorfWellness Fair 2014
Lynn Brault
Suzanne Calvin
Kneia DaCosta
Maureen Damiano
Colleen Fida
Cristie Gerhab
Pat Keebler
Yvon Kennon
Linda Mrak
Tracey Nelson
Valerie Nelson
Nancy Reilly
Ray Stitt
Barbara Tyson
Tori Waskiewicz
Kelley Williams
Charlene Wysocki

Kistler Tiffany Benefits (KTB): Megan O’Donnell & Larry Vukovic

Independence Blue Cross: Kristin Vernisi & Loree Antonik