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Dr. Drea: Andrea Mack ’07 Treats Children and Calms Parents as a Pediatric Resident

by Amanda D’Amico-Lichtenstein ’07 Eighty-hour workweeks, demanding parents and sick children – and Andrea Mack ’07 loves it. “It’s very hard and very fun at the same time,” says the second-year pediatric resident at Hershey Medical Center. “I can’t see myself doing anything else.” From Pfahler to PCOMDrea’s path to medical school and residency started

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The Rising of a Great King

by Kevin Zufelt ’11 It was a beautiful fall day in 2008 when Alex Peay ’09 was named Homecoming King. Everyone knew Alex; he was a legend. However, being Homecoming King doesn’t even come close to his most impressive accomplishment. In 2007 Alex founded Rising Sons, a campus empowerment group that was created after several

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A Tale of Inconceivable Dedication

by Kevin Zufelt ’11 There are those who live their entire lives without severe hardship. Unfortunately, Chanelle Houston ’06 was not as fortunate. On a fateful day in August of 2009, everything changed. While Chanelle was vacationing in Virginia Beach she was the victim of a hit and run. Chanelle sustained life-threatening injuries, including a

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